Services Offered

Kids Can Shine offers a full range of  Occupational Therapy Services for children birth to 18 years. 

Assessment and Intervention therapy services are offered to support the following needs:

  • Sensory and Self Regulation
  • Feeding Skills and Development (ie: infant bottle and breast feeding, transition to solids, lip and tongue tie, oral motor concerns, sensory needs, "picky" eating)
  • Social Skills
  • Kindergarten readiness
  • Difficulty with anxiety and transitions
  • Attention and Organization Skills
  • Fine Motor and Printing Skills
  • Developmental Milestones


As a client of the feeding team, you will receive support from the Occupational Therapist, as well as Registered Dietitian if needed.  If you already receive support from a Dietitian via Family Health Team, collaboration is welcomed and encouraged through the therapy process.  If Dietitian support is needed as part of the Kids Can Shine Feeding Therapy team, support is provided by Rosanne Robinson, RD. 

Rosanne Robinson, Registered Dietitian (RD) (Blueprint Nutrition)

Rosanne Robinson is the Registered Dietitian on the team. She brings over five years of experience working with pediatric patients from newborn to 18 years of age. She will help to assess your child’s current energy (calorie), vitamin, mineral and fluid intake and assess whether your child requires any adjustments to his or her current schedule to increase or decrease any of these nutrients. She will also assess growth. Rosanne takes a food-based approach to nutrition but may recommend supplements if deficiencies are suspected. She may also ask permission to liaise with your family physician in the case that some additional blood work is required. Rosanne has experience with tube-feeding and can help to adjust and monitor established tube feeds.

Upon team collaboration, if the OT or RD determines that further needs exist outside of this clinic, they are well connected to other allied health professionals that can guide and support next steps for treatment.

Groups and Specialized programs offered:

  • Feeding Therapy Programs
  • Social Skills Programs
  • Printing Programs
  • Kindergarten Readiness Programs 

In addition to OT services, your therapist can connect families with the necessary services to provide support for children.  Having worked as an OT for many years, Donna has a broad knowledge of community resources and local therapists who can work together as part of a team to address your child's needs.  Connections to early intervention support, care management, school consultation, parent education or team assessment and treatment with other therapists can help provide optimal care for your child.  Often recognized for her committed and nurturing style with parents and children, both families and professionals continue to call on her support throughout various stages of development, to assist with supports along the way.  Working with Kids Can Shine, parents will receive support, guidance, connections and strategies to empower and facilitate the necessary resources to support the child's needs.