Why We're Special!

Donna has created Kids Can Shine to provide therapy service to children and families of Wellington County and surrounding areas.  Donna Legge-Nevett brings a specific skill set dedicated in the areas of feeding, sensory, fine motor and early child development.  This children's therapy clinic offers dedicated pediatric therapy services for children in the form of direct treatment, group programming, consultation, education to parents and teachers, as well as local connections to a wide range of therapy services for clients and families. 

Located in an easy to access location in Elora, clients are greeted in a bright and spacious therapy clinic space, specifically designed to meet the needs of children and their families.  This clinic offers an inviting therapy room with lots of tools for learning, as well as a separate waiting area before or after appointments.  A consultation area offers privacy for parent feedback and training before and after therapy, important for effective communication and parent support.

As a client of Kids Can Shine, your therapist will provide a comprehensive assessment for your child, consisting of information gathered in a variety of environments (home, school, clinic settings).  Collaboration and connections with other community supports and services for children, is a benefit of the many years of established relationships in the community.  Consultation with parents, school personnel, physicians or other treating therapists, as well as options for observation in a variety of environments can help provide the most relevant and timely goals related to your child's development.  Offering assessment and treatment times with children and caregivers, so families can receive the most valuable care for early intervention.

If needed, direct treatment can also be provided in collaboration with other therapists as required, making appointments and scheduling accessible and convenient for families.  For example, if seeking an assessment and treatment for your child with feeding needs, Kids Can Shine offers joint services with dietitian (with local Family Health Team RD, or a Registered Dietitian as part of the Kids Can Shine Team).  When addressing social skills, Kids Can Shine can partner with local Social Worker to offer social skills support geared towards emotional and self-regulation support, either via group or individual treatments.  

Kids Can Shine believes that collaboration for client care is invaluable, and is committed to work with the necessary resources to treat, consult and guide therapy services for optimal care for each child and family.