Unique Service

As owner and therapist of Kids Can Shine, Donna believes strongly in the importance of early intervention for children.  Kids Can Shine offers a unique service and collaboration with community partners and supports for families. Working within a client- centered care model, frequency of visits and support is set based on the child and family's needs and goals. 

Donna greatly values the importance of working as part of a multidisciplinary team when addressing a child's needs.  Therefore, Donna has built strong relationships with other local therapists, to provide optimal care for each child. 

In addition the receiving Occupational Therapy, collaboration and services can also be offered jointly to address goals.  Here are some examples:

* Joint assessment/ treatment with a Registered Dietitian with pediatric focus, when working on feeding therapy goals.

* Social Skills Groups offered in conjunction with Speech Language Pathologist or Social Worker.  

* Consultation with Psychologist regarding psycho-educational assessment outcomes and strategies for learning supports at home and school.

* Consultation with primary care physician or pediatrician regarding support and recommendations.   

In addition to direct treatment service, your therapist can also provide the following supports:

* Observation and strategies to home and school, daycare or preschool environments

* Consultation and school meetings to share recommendations and strategies

* Education to family members regarding strategies at home

* Recommendations and support for technology use in school

* Consultation with other community supports working with the child (ie: Speech Language Pathology, Physician, Pediatrician, Dietitian, Physiotherapist, Social Worker, just to name a few)

Kids Can Shine provides commitment, perseverance and dedication to  families and children, that is a driving force in optimal client and family care.